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November 2020 Portfolio Update – The Relative Calm

November was a busy, historically significant month. We witnessed one of the most hotly contested and intense U.S. elections on record. At the time of writing, it is still being actively appealed by the incumbent. While the election and the ensuing drama have made for an interesting story...
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October 2020 Portfolio Update – Dividends Rebound

This was a busy period in the lead-up to the U.S. Presidential Elections. I made sure to catch plenty of the political coverage, including the debates and town hall events as it is important to understand the political climate when investing. However, while it is true that the...
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September 2020 Portfolio Updated – Modified Stage 2

It was a month of leaves turning colours and cooler temperatures for sleeping. My favourite part of the year is when it’s finally possible to keep the window open for the fresh air without the thick humidity that we become accustomed to through the summer. It was also...
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August 2020 Portfolio Update – The Disconnect

A really quick month. It felt like I only realized it was August around the very end. I guess that’s just a symptom of the indoors-ness of this strange period. Regardless, I finally got back into the stock-buying mindset after an extended length of inactivity. Always a plus....
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May 2020 Portfolio Update

May turned out to be another month of generalized lockdown. The volatility of March appears to be held at bay thus far and it has become increasingly challenging again to find bargains. The weather, however, turned warmer toward the end of the month and it seems there’s actually...
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Dividend Growth Investing in the Age of COVID-19

All investment strategies come with their benefits and their risks. Balancing all of the factors and taking them in the context of an investor’s emotional profile is important when deciding how to go about growing one’s money. The thing about investing is that for the most part, the...
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April 2020 Portfolio Update

Well, we’ve got another month in the books. It was a relatively normal April—plenty of rain and cool temperatures—aside from the world being on a virtual social lockdown and economic hiatus. The COVID-19 theme remains in the driver’s seat for the time being, though there are cracks of...
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March 2020 Portfolio Update

What an incredibly turbulent month. Just as the snow melts, the market itself has had a meltdown of its own. From fears stemming from the outbreak of COVID-19 to an outright oil pricing war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, there has been no shortage of valuation-altering events. CAD...
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