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Richness Is

We maintain that to Get Rich involves more than money. This is evident since it is possible to win the lottery and still remain fundamentally poor. Our Get Rich philosophy is about taking a holistic approach to the world; it is a lifestyle choice that involves attaining financial freedom merely as a means to gain control over one’s time.

We have decided to compile an ongoing list of what we believe Richness Is:

  1. Working at something that gives you a sense of satisfaction whether it is paid or unpaid.
  2. Reading a great book or blog.
  3. Laughter from the heart.
  4. Studying other cultures to broaden your worldview.
  5. Learning a musical instrument and sharing that talent with others.
  6. A good game of Chess.
  7. The occasional bottle of wine among friends.
  8. Connecting with a great song that takes you back.
  9. The birth of a new addition to your family.
  10. Living in a country that affords us basic securities and needs that we are blessed to enjoy.
  11. Earning enough passive income to cover all living expenses.
  12. Falling asleep in a hammock on a warm, breezy day.
  13. Persisting.
  14. Traveling to new countries.
  15. Meeting new people.
  16. Knowing old friends.
  17. Cooking excellent food from scratch without a recipe.
  18. Taking time to do Yoga and relax through meditation.
  19. Giving credit where it is due and seeing someone you care about receive recognition for something they’ve done/the person they are.
  20. Realizing there is enough time in life to do everything of value.
  21. Understanding that what is of value doesn’t have a price tag.
  22. Writing deep thoughts in a journal and just letting them stand for what they are without expectation.
  23. Overcoming.
  24. Observing the first snowfall of the year with a smile; seasons are meant to change and remind us that we’re still here, still breathing and living and a part of this thing called life.
  25. Feeling gratitude for both the blessings and challenges we face in life which move us forward.
  26. Knowing why you’re here.
  27. Being comfortable with how little you actually know.
  28. Seeing friends succeed. Being genuinely happy for them without a thought to personal gain.
  29. Being there for friends selflessly when they need it.
  30. Letting go of vanity and letting life take its course. We’re all so vain, aren’t we?
  31. Loving.
  32. Being mindful of the best, optimistic about the future, all while being present in the moment you’re in, with the people you’re with.
  33. Taking the time to recognize what you’re afraid of and letting that be your guide as to what you need to overcome in yourself.
  34. Brotherhood.
  35. Seeing yourself in a sunset. And a sunrise.
  36. Taking an afternoon nap.
  37. Operating from a framework of gratitude understanding that how we perceive our lives is entirely up to each of us.
  38. Living life on your own terms. Having the freedom to choose your course of action without needing to worry about repercussions, financial or otherwise.
  39. Forgiving.
  40. Spending time with someone you care about doing something that they value.
  41. Coaching my nephew’s hockey.
  42. Having effective mental models based on both lived and vicarious experience. They help with perspective in any situation.
  43. Feeling empowered.
  44. Feeling humbled.

8 thoughts on “Richness Is

  1. Albert Torres says:

    Awesome list. Very inspiring! Points 25, 26 are very relevant to me!

    1. Hey Albert,

      Glad you’re finding value in the site and in this list.


  2. Senner Abaj says:

    One of the top spots on a Richness Is list should be giving to help those less fortunate.

    1. Hi Senner,

      This is a great recommendation. Philanthropy and giving back to others is definitely a key component to living a Rich Life.

      Thank you for stopping by.


  3. This is important to keep in focus and remember. Time, and being healthy to enjoy that time, is the most important thing we can have.

    1. Hi TDL,

      Absolutely. This page is all about recognizing “the good stuff” in life and taking time to acknowledge it. Without the things you mentioned, nothing else is worth anything.

      Take care!

  4. Karen says:

    This is a great list! Thanks for compiling this. Being an avid reader and traveler, I completely agree with #2 and #13. 🙂

    1. Hi Karen,

      Those two (#2 and #13) actually go together well! My difficulty with reading as a traveler is the bulk of books. I know a lot of people have transitioned to eReaders, but there’s something about reading Aurelius’ “Meditations” in my old trade paperback copy that I just love the most.

      Glad you liked the list!
      – Ryan

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