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March 2023 Portfolio Update – Snow Persists

It was a rather wintry March. Plenty of ice and snow, but that didn’t stop the dividends from rolling in. This turned out to be the biggest month I’ve ever had for passive income, by a fair amount. Dividend Summary I earned income from 21 businesses in CAD,...
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February 2023 Portfolio Update – Colder Weather

This Winter brought with it the most snow I’ve seen in many years. Driving conditions were often challenging, but that’s what it’s all about in Canada. We’re blessed to get four full seasons. Amid the snowfall, dividends also rained down. Dividend Summary I generated passive income from six...
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Annual Portfolio Update 2022 – Highlights

It was really a banner year with plenty of positive developments to focus on. On the investment front, I managed to put a fair amount of capital to work and hit the dividend targets I was aiming for. On a personal level, I’ll provide some colour on a...
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December 2022 Portfolio Update – Year-End Slowdown

Following my usual December protocol, I took just over two weeks in vacation time as an annual slowdown. It provides a nice breather to think about the year that was, along with what’s to come. Dividend Summary I again brought in cash flow in Canadian dollars from seventeen...
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November 2022 Portfolio Update – Colder Weather

Shorter days and colder weather. November flew by as a bit of a blur and I’m writing this now amid a December snowstorm. All the same, the dividends never stopped. Dividend Summary I earned passive income from seven companies; four were from Canada, the rest from the US....
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October 2022 Portfolio Update – Interest Rates Again

Heading into Q4, I’ve been spending a fair amount of time following the drama with Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter. His immediate removal of the company’s top executives and plans to initiate mass layoffs will be a business case study to examine for years to come. Particularly once...
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September 2022 Portfolio Update – Home Again

Following a two-week vacation in Europe, September was mostly about catching back up on life. As always, it was also a great time to just relax and watch the seasons change. Although the stock market took a dive, dividend payments remained on schedule. Dividend Summary I earned cash...
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August 2022 Portfolio Update – European Sojourn

August is a beautiful month. It’s that last breath of Summer before the leaves turn. For the first time in a long time, I took a vacation during the warm months; I typically save my extended time off for the snowy season. Dividend Summary I earned dividends from...
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July 2022 Portfolio Update – Interest Rate Shocker

Weather-wise, July turned out to be one of the mildest ones I can remember. Getting outside was reasonable most days and I certainly took advantage of that. On the stock market front, I posted some solid dividend returns in the month. Dividend Summary I earned dividend income from...
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