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Canadian Bank Dividend Raises – Strong 2021 Gains

Canada is best known for a few simple things. From maple syrup to our general friendliness, the Red Maple Leaf is well-known, the world over. My personal favourite hallmark of Canada is the strength of our financial sector. This has been demonstrated by the recent Canadian Bank dividend...
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Existential Meaning – Find It and be a Better Investor

We live in a consumer society. The reality we face is a continuous barrage of ads, all trying to strike some Pavlovian trigger ingrained in our psyche. These messages are carefully tailored based on the marketing machines of massive, global, multi-billion dollar corporations. Chief among these messages rings...
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October 2021 Portfolio Update – Enter the Metaverse

The beautiful changing leaves of September have all but wilted away. In times like these, the best solace is the regularly scheduled, proverbial dividend cheques as they hit one’s digital trading account. Speaking of which, I’ve had several recent discussions with those concerned their energy bills will be...
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August 2021 Portfolio Update – Just a Little Patience

August seemed to go just as quickly and inconspicuously as it came. There were no doubt plenty of distractions along the way—cryptocurrency turbulence, the usual debates over what the Federal Reserve needs to do with policy, and so on. However, the stock market ultimately did what it has...
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July 2021 Portfolio Update – Delta Rising

Just as signs were pointing to a lifting of restrictions, the July period was marked with the rising tide of the Delta variant of COVID-19. This put a dampening on talks of full reopening in Ontario. All the same, my portfolio continued performing well and the dividends never...
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Mental Models – How to Use them in Everyday Life

Developing sound approaches to problem solving is the simplest way to improve life outcomes. Effective choices stem from well-developed, pragmatic mental models that go deeper than the surface layer. The best problem solvers recognize that a toolbox requires more than just a hammer. Why? Not every problem is...
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June 2021 Portfolio Update – Lockdowns Unhinged

This portfolio update comes with an abundance of optimism. COVID lockdowns are lightening. Restaurants are open for serving guests and the warmer weather is here. I’ve already had the opportunity to visit quite a few of my favourite establishments; it’s great to see so many familiar faces. Perhaps...
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May 2021 Portfolio Update – AAPL of my Eye

It seems I’ve fallen behind on tracking my dividends. Finalizing this article on July 11, I am able to reflect on how pronounced the differences have been from the beginning of the year to this portfolio update. 2021 began with a heavy push for COVID vaccinations and there...
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