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Weekend Reading #3

One of the greatest assets we have as investors is one another. Sharing information and learning from the collective wisdom of the entire community is how we can gain the best leverage to succeed in life.

My own growth trajectory was heavily influenced not just by the physical books I read, but by getting the perspective of other investors or life-bloggers online. Accordingly, I feel it is the least I can do to pass on a few of the articles that are shaping my viewpoint in the present day.

I hope you’ll enjoy the reading –

The Physician PhilosopherPhysician Finance Interview #12

I only recently stumbled on TPP’s site and have to say I am really enjoying his series of interviewing physicians who have succeeded financially to see how they went about it. In this article, he speaks to a 56 year-old ophthalmologist from the Midwest who gives some very down-to-earth advice that can be applied whether you’re a high-earner or not:

Medicine is changing and things happen in life.  Do not put your back against the wall by not being prepared to leave medicine, work less, etc if you either choose to do so or are forced to make a change in your work and your ability to be a big earner.  Having that security and freedom is better than the big doctor house or the fancy sports car.

The Five JourneysIs It Possible To Have a Balanced Life? A Look at the Four Burners Theory

This article examines the theory that there are four main “burners” (like on a stove) in life that you can have turned on, but never all four on full at the same time; family, friends, health, and work. The question is how to juggle all four when it doesn’t seem possible to have them all firing on all cylinders collectively. As the saying goes, somethin’s gotta give. While I don’t think there’s a clear-cut answer, this is certainly worth a read and hopefully will get you thinking about your own life and these four facets of life that compete for our time:

If you have a family business, the work-family burners are always lit. And if you work as a fitness trainer, you’ll be burning hot on the health and work fronts. But most people have four separate spheres and it can be tough to take care of all of them at the same time.

Compound Your Freedom£3000 for a new iPhone – no thanks

It has become all too common and simple to “upgrade” technology without a thought to the long-term consequences in our society because the upfront fee is so minimal. The ongoing payments ultimately enslave the user of the device rather than enriching their life. CYF takes a look at the real cost of buying the newest iPhone, but this would apply to any such device.

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What have you read recently that shifted your point of view?

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