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June 2021 Portfolio Update – Lockdowns Unhinged

This portfolio update comes with an abundance of optimism. COVID lockdowns are lightening. Restaurants are open for serving guests and the warmer weather is here. I’ve already had the opportunity to visit quite a few of my favourite establishments; it’s great to see so many familiar faces. Perhaps...
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May 2021 Portfolio Update – AAPL of my Eye

It seems I’ve fallen behind on tracking my dividends. Finalizing this article on July 11, I am able to reflect on how pronounced the differences have been from the beginning of the year to this portfolio update. 2021 began with a heavy push for COVID vaccinations and there...
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April 2021 Portfolio Update – Lockdown 2.0

As April kicked off, Ontario was plunged back into a COVID lockdown. At the time of writing in mid-May, the situation persists and is expected to extend even into June. While lockdowns fall outside of my sphere of influence, what I can control is how much I invest...
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March 2021 Portfolio Update – The Crypto Plunge

In Canada, March is one of the most hopeful of months. As the snow melts, we can finally see the light As the melt begins and we prepare for that warmer weather, dividend growth investors settle in to count their dividends—which is always the best part. Dividend Summary...
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February 2021 Portfolio Update – Double Digits

It seems I’ve really fallen behind on my monthly updates. I sit here on April 13 as I write this one, and I contrast how differently the year began with how it has progressed. The start of the year marked the real push for COVID vaccinations in my...
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January 2021 Portfolio Update – The New Year

It has been just about a year since I recall news of a mysterious virus in Wuhan, China. I never expected the ripples that we eventually saw and how they would come to impact us all. With that said, I begin this year with plenty of optimism. Whether...
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December 2020 Portfolio Update – A Nice Bookend

It feels odd to be writing my December portfolio update right now in late January, but it’s been a busy few weeks and it’s better late than never. The holiday period was a bit of a whirlwind, so I’m piecing this together as I watch the AFC Championship...
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Five Year Plan, Update #5 – The Grand Finale

Quite a lot can change in just a few years. The genesis of my Five Year Plan goes back to August 2015. To that point, I had been investing with a general strategy of increasing my ownership in high-quality income-producing investments (e.g., dividend paying stocks)—I refer to this...
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November 2020 Portfolio Update – The Relative Calm

November was a busy, historically significant month. We witnessed one of the most hotly contested and intense U.S. elections on record. At the time of writing, it is still being actively appealed by the incumbent. While the election and the ensuing drama have made for an interesting story...
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October 2020 Portfolio Update – Dividends Rebound

This was a busy period in the lead-up to the U.S. Presidential Elections. I made sure to catch plenty of the political coverage, including the debates and town hall events as it is important to understand the political climate when investing. However, while it is true that the...
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