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Find Your “WHY”!

The Importance of Your “Why”

Why do you want to Get Rich? What is important about changing your life? We could take for granted that you have already asked these questions if you’re reading this site, but the topic is far too important to gloss over. You need to really sit down and determine “why” you need to be rich. If your “why” isn’t strong enough, you simply will not make the sacrifices necessary to achieve your goals. The “why” is what keeps you on track through the challenges you will face along the way. It is what will pull you back on track if you slip.

Firm will and a clear understanding of exactly why you want to Get Rich is as important as anything else. Technical ability, where you were born, and any other factors you can think of will pale in comparison to how strongly you believe in your reasons for needing to be successful.

Have you ever noticed that when you listen to the most successful people, they all seem to love telling their stories? Successful people can always recount in detail how they felt at each stage along their journey and what the catalysts for growth were. You will notice that these people all believed in something within themselves, desiring more out of life than what they already had.

Finding Your “Why”

Something you may have figured out by now is that no one else can help you find your “why”. It is an intensely personal thing. Only you know what really makes you tick. Only you know what the real reasons are behind your desire to Get Rich.

This site is not for everyone; this post is at the heart of why that is the case. Most people simply do not and never will have a “why” strong enough to drive them from where they are to the end goal of being rich. If it was easy to climb this mountain, everyone would have already done it.

Driving Forces – Positive and Negative

When you do the accounting in your life, you will find that life amounts roughly to 10% what happens to you and 90% how you decide to feel about it.

Consider a tale of two people:

Susan is a woman with a large, supportive family. From the time she was very young, she was given words of encouragement and ushered along “the right path” by those closest to her. Over the years she achieves success and is sure to thank her family at each stage, letting them know how much she appreciates their help.

Susan derives great satisfaction from the wealth she has accumulated in life and feels good about proving her family right about her. She is everything they have said she could become and she leans on her family for support. She lets people know how much her family means to her and uses them for motivation.

On the other hand we have Frank who grew up in the same neighbourhood as Susan. Frank was born into a dog-eat-dog family and learned as he grew up that he was the only person he could truly count on. He often says that “if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself.” He never felt the love and encouragement that Susan received. It toughened him up.

Frank loves the fact that he is self-made and is quick to let people know that he did it himself. He loves proving his doubters wrong. He is motivated knowing that only he is responsible for his successes. While he has learned to collaborate with others on projects, he believes in looking only to himself for the drive to get up every single day and grind it out in the business world.

What we see from these two brief examples is that there is more than one sort of driving force. People want things for different reasons and forge meaning in their life in any number of ways. However, no matter where the driving source comes from, it is critical to ensure it finds a positive outlet for expression. Susan, for instance, was able to convert what some may find to be stifling family expectations into a meaning to aim for greater heights and Frank was able to transform what others might use as negative energy and channel it into rugged self-reliance and determined effort.

Know What Motivates You

If you have children, you know what it looks like on Christmas morning when your children wake up. They are up out of bed and making as much noise as possible to get the big day started. There is absolutely nothing else that matters to them at that moment in time. They are singularly and completely motivated by the thought of what wondrous presents await them under the tree.

Now consider the difference between children on Christmas morning flying out of bed and how you feel on a work morning after you’ve pressed the Snooze Button two or three times. How can you make yourself look more like the holiday child each morning? Find what motivates you and build your life around it.

Seriously. The key to your success is going to be looking within yourself and finding what truly drives you. Once you figure that out, the rest comes easy. As soon as you know what really matters, you can literally exclude anything that does not directly contribute to achieving what motivates you.

The Bottom Line

If you want to Get Rich, you need to find your “why”. Without answering this question, nothing else on this site will be powerful enough to see you through to meet or exceed the potential you see in yourself.

The Get Rich Brothers

What is your “Why”?

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4 thoughts on “Find Your “WHY”!

  1. I agree! For me, the money would be like my stepping stone in achieving freedom. I don’t want to chase money anymore when I’m older. How I wish I’ve learned about Fi when I was younger.
    The Thrifty Hustler recently posted…How to Earn Money from Selling Thrifted ItemsMy Profile

    1. The best time to plant an oak tree was twenty years ago. The second best time is now. That’s how life will always be, friend. You learn as you go and the best time to make a positive change is always the present.

      Take care,

  2. Andrew says:

    Awesome article. If you can’t find your why then you will never be able to focus and reach your goal.

    1. We couldn’t agree more! Knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing helps keep you steady in the rough waters – and there will always be challenges.

      Thanks for stopping in to comment!

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