Find Your Niche!

We hear so many stories from people who say they want to Get Rich but they just don’t know how. They wander around from one networking marketing opportunity to the next, shedding a few hundred of their hard earned dollars each time. They wind up disillusioned after a...
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Redefine: Stress

Do you ever find yourself stressing over deadlines, your hectic schedule, or anything else for that matter? Do your shoulders tense up as you think about everything you need to accomplish just to keep your life moving? Maybe it’s time to redefine stress. Studies have demonstrated that how...
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Investing Rules

A substantial amount of what we write has to do with investments. This is intentional; the reality is that if you never invest, you are unlikely to achieve substantial wealth. Given the importance of investing, we’ve compiled five basic investment tenets to live by. A lot of trial...
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Find Your “WHY”!

The Importance of Your “Why” Why do you want to Get Rich? What is important about changing your life? We could take for granted that you have already asked these questions if you’re reading this site, but the topic is far too important to gloss over. You need...
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Multiple Streams of Income – Grow Your Cash Flow

The reality is that very few people ever get rich without having multiple streams of income. One source of cash flow isn’t enough. When you think about the richest people in the world, what words come to mind? Perhaps you think about dividends, royalties, or passive income from...
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The Inverted Spectrum: Two Sides to Every Coin

If you take a random sampling of, say, a thousand people, what you’ll find is that for the most part people go through life experiencing a similar array of ups and downs. From the loss of a loved one to the simple joys of parenthood and more, each...
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Top 10: Investment Books

If you want to be a better tennis player, it helps to watch and learn from the best players in the world at Wimbledon. If you want to be a better investor, it pays to study the best money managers and those practitioners who have beaten the game....
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Credit Cards: Straight Talk

Most discussions about credit cards start at the wrong spot. People zero in on interest rates, annual fees, and reward points. A look at credit cards should begin with the actual consumer and whether they are equipped emotionally to handle the burden of credit. Research has shown that...
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Richest Person Lists

One of the most popular lists published annually is the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. Poor, middle class, and the rich themselves love to compare and see how the top earners fare on a yearly basis. I often wonder how different the list would...
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The Get Rich Brothers Begin!

Welcome to Get Rich Brothers! The goal here is simple: everything you read will help educate and inform you. If you want to Get Rich, you’ve come to the right place. This site is all about no-nonsense, unbiased, and unfiltered straight talk. Do you find yourself collecting your...
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