May 2022 Portfolio Update – Rocky Markets

May was characterized by high inflation. A confluence of geopolitical factors continue to lead to higher prices in just about anything you can name. As fuel, food, and other prices soar, central banks are under pressure to boost rates. The challenge with this, of course, is that increasing...
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April 2022 Portfolio Update – BCE Crosses $200 Quarterly

April brought with it more talk of high inflation and concerns over the rocky geopolitical situation. The tragic war in Ukraine has continued to have ripple effects through the entire economy. Amid this backdrop of a falling stock market, I’ve continued to make progress within my portfolio. Dividend...
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The 10 Best Canadian Stocks to Hold Forever

Investing in the stock market can be difficult when there are so many options available. To simplify this problem, I am going to list what I believe are the 10 best Canadian stocks to hold forever. In writing this article, my plan is to highlight the top Canadian...
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February 2022 Portfolio Update – Snowy Dividends

This was an eventful month. Whether we’re talking about personal finance, geopolitical destabilization, or the usual pandemic-driven-narrative, flux is the order of the day. Nevertheless, the dividend growth investing strategy remains strong. It’s a reliable port in any storm. Dividend Summary I received payments from six companies, two...
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January 2022 Portfolio Update – Modified Stage 2

The start of 2022 brought with it another lockdown, otherwise known as “Modified Stage 2”. That put a damper on my usual movie-going. The bright side is that things open back up tomorrow, to some extent. It has been a volatile month in the markets as high-flying tech...
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Why Did Microsoft Buy Activision Blizzard?

Microsoft (MSFT) announced today that it will be acquiring Activision Blizzard (ATVI) in an all-cash deal valued at $68.7 billion—$95.00 per ATVI share. This comes as a huge splash in the Big Tech space, as virtually all companies have been aiming to develop interactive entertainment content. This will...
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Annual Portfolio Update 2021 – Targets Achieved

Another year in the books. Now it’s time to reflect and take inventory of what has transpired. I presently own 43 companies, 36 of which produce regular income. Dividend Summary I earned Canadian income from 25 sources and USD from 11 others. This provides a nice mix of...
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December 2021 Portfolio Update – Christmas Dividends

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, right? Yes, it is. There’s nothing like those sweet Christmas Dividends rolling in as companies finish off the year strong. Naughty or nice doesn’t make a difference when it comes to dividends. You just get paid based on how many...
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Canadian Bank Dividend Raises – Strong 2021 Gains

Canada is best known for a few simple things. From maple syrup to our general friendliness, the Red Maple Leaf is well-known, the world over. My personal favourite hallmark of Canada is the strength of our financial sector. This has been demonstrated by the recent Canadian Bank dividend...
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