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Redefine: Stress

Do you ever find yourself stressing over deadlines, your hectic schedule, or anything else for that matter? Do your shoulders tense up as you think about everything you need to accomplish just to keep your life moving? Maybe it’s time to redefine stress.

Studies have demonstrated that how we feel about stress is far more important than whether we feel stress at all. If you believe stress is a bad thing, it is likely to be a negative force in your life. If you instead view stress as natural and don’t try to run from it, you can use the heightened sensibility that accompanies it to great effect.

The reality is that stress is never going to go away. Unless you isolate yourself in a cabin hundreds of miles from civilization and shut yourself out from the rest of the world in a fortress of solitude, you’re bound to have something test your mettle. Hell, even in the middle of nowhere it’s possible to feel stress (read: bear attack).

If You Can’t Beat It, Embrace It

So, no matter what a person does, stressors crop up in life. Rather than trying to demonize stress or set out on a quest to eliminate something that is never going to go away, the more productive approach is to actually use it advantageously.

If you’re in the business world and/or on the quest to Get Rich, you’re going to be tested. If anything, you should take this as a positive sign that you’re stepping out of your comfort zone. Stress doesn’t happen inside a security blanket. It happens when we’re being pushed by the world in some way, shape, or form. Use that knowledge to remind yourself, “Hey, I’m feeling this because I’m alive right now. That’s a good thing.” Then, get your ass in gear and do what you were planning to do – this time by using the challenge to drive you forward.

The Get Rich Brothers

Can stress actually be used productively? What do you do to handle stress in a positive way?

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