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Find Your Niche!

We hear so many stories from people who say they want to Get Rich but they just don’t know how. They wander around from one networking marketing opportunity to the next, shedding a few hundred of their hard earned dollars each time. They wind up disillusioned after a few months of trying to peddle some overpriced product to their family and closest friends.

It’s absolutely crazy for us to see people stumbling around like this, gasping for air and never quite catching a foothold while getting sucked into schemes they don’t have any real interest in just because they want to earn a little extra on the side.

What’s even more unbelievable is how, when asked, many people stare blank-faced back at us when we ask them what they believe their best opportunity to build wealth is. Most people can’t even tell you, at the drop of a hat, what they are passionate about – and believe us, that is the key. People very rarely ever Get Rich doing something they can’t stand.

One Common Thread

What’s the one common theme between the wealthiest people in the world? They found their niche.

How do I find a good niche?

Simply answer this question: What would your friends say you’re good at?

If you aren’t sure what your friends believe are your talents (you should be able to do this, by the way), then ASK THEM! Don’t overthink this, it doesn’t need to be complicated. Your talents are your talents.

The wonderful thing about this insane world we live in is that there is quite literally a niche for every subject you can possibly imagine.

Here are a few niches you might not know existed:

  • Underwater Hockey
  • Creating Duct Tape Art
  • Skydive Knitting

You need to trust yourself and have faith in the reality that if you are interested in something, there’s a damn good chance someone else out there probably is also (and probably more than one). So even if you discount the fact that we just made up skydive knitting (as far as we know, at least), you can still take to the bank that there’s a ready-made audience out there for your product – whatever that product is.

The Game Changer

Just twenty years ago it may have been incredibly difficult to actually do something with some strange ability you have developed. The entire landscape has changed significantly since the advent of the Internet. Nowadays you can connect immediately with a global audience of individuals with similar interests.

Leveraging the phenomenal power of the Internet is what can turn your niche into a profitable business earning you quite literally any sum of money dependant on your willingness to put in the hours to make it happen.

Actionable Advice

Since we’re all about action here at Get Rich Brothers, we’re going to leave you with three pieces of advice:

  1. Find your niche through a combination of soul-searching and asking those closest to you what you might be best at conveying to others.
  2. Once you’ve found your niche, go online or to your local library and take a look at what others have done and see where you might fit in. Figure out what added value you can provide.
  3. Get started by turning that added value into a tangible product that others can interact with such as a blog, book, tutorial, YouTube video; all of these have a place and can enrich the lives of others.

Thanks for reading.

The Get Rich Brothers

What’s your niche? How have you developed your talents and leveraged them to provide value for others?

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